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Finding the One in Alaska: the Burrito Edition

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Everyone has their foods that they want when they are homesick, drunk, or just really craving that perfect bite. For me, it is a mouthwatering, filled to the brim, child-sized burrito that I can hold like a baby and bite into in a not-so-ladylike fashion.

Now, moving to Anchorage, and I will be honest here (not that I am ever not), many people told me to set my standards low for the burritos I will find. There are a number of restaurants around the city that I have tried and are okay, but I was searching for THE ONE. That burrito you dream about and will fly on a plane to a whole other state claiming you are visiting people when really you are only there for the burrito. That burrito.

So, after Red and I each tried various restaurants around the city with good reviews, we decided one day to try El-Green Go’s. This former food truck is now permanently parked at 390 L Street, right across the street from Snow City Café (a must try brunch spot and yes, Obama did eat there). It is about a ten-minute walk from the downtown Anchorage Farmer’s Market in the summer so a great lunch destination on a Saturday downtown.

Red tried the halibut burrito while I tried the salmon burrito and I have to say, both were phenomenal. I definitely prefer the taste of halibut burritos so if this is your first venture into Alaskan fish burritos, I recommend starting with the halibut. But I really do not think you can go wrong with whatever option you get on the menu.

Red holding the most beautiful burrito in the state of Alaska.

The burrito is filled with the rice, beans, jalapeno crème fraiche, corn fresca, and cotija cheese along with your choice of meat. The corn is the right amount of sweet while the cotija enhances the taste. All together in your mouth it is a happy group of flavors. This comes with a side of chips that were the right amount of crisp to salt ratio. I can be a chip snob and this passed the test.

I ventured back a different day and tried the breakfast burrito with chicken and avocado. Also, amazing. Happy breakfast burrito times right there so another menu item I recommend. Red tried the tofu on her own (yes I am hurt she went without me even though I went without her) and described it as “10/10” so for vegetarians, this is the spot for you.

Me looking at the breakfast burrito like most people look at a loved one. Unsolicited piece of advice: find someone that looks at you the way I look at burritos.

I will say, I was a little sticker shocked at the price. Coming from school in California, I have been conditioned to get an entire, delicious meal for $10. At El-Green Go’s, the prices range from $9 for tacos to $15 for a breakfast burrito. The salmon and halibut burritos are also based on market price so can be several dollars more.

HOWEVER, it is so worth it.

One, again, the burritos are huge. Usually one lasts me at least two meals, if not three (Red felt attacked by this fact since she ate hers all at once and took a big nap afterwards). Two, they are a local shop and I am happy to support a local business. Three, the food is so good. That alone makes it worth it to spend a little more to get exactly what I want and what I am craving.

So, I am happy to say I have found the one. My version of a love affair. What I look at like most people look at the person they love. A burrito that is filling, delicious and a local must try stop if you are in downtown Anchorage. Next time you stop by, do not be surprised if you see me scarfing it down like my life depends on it (mostly cause it does :) ).

Shout out to the local ciders they have too - another must try while there. In the meantime, please enjoy my face as I realize I spilled the cider on me 0.2 seconds after opening it.

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